Half & Full Sleeve Tattoo Removal

Our laser sessions will target separate parts of your sleeve at each visit in order to minimize risks associated with circumferential tattoos.

Removing half or full sleeve tattoos requires a major commitment. We’ll be spending lots of time together. It’s a good thing our laser specialists are warm and friendly, as well as tattoo removal experts.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Sleeve Tattoo?

Visit our tattoo removal pricing page and we’ll guide you on how we price removing your sleeve tattoo.

Before & After Sleeve Tattoo Removal Examples

Sleeve Tattoo Removal Before and After
Do you have a sleeve tattoo that you’d like to get covered up, but it’s too dark or too large? We work together with you and your tattoo artist and lighten your tattoo so you can get what you really want. Lightening tattoos for a cover-up can usually be accomplished in 3-4 sessions.
Tattoo Lightening Coverup Before After
After just 2 sessions, our client and his tattoo artist have many more options for a cover-up.

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