Simple, Honest and Affordable Pricing

At Vamoose, we believe laser tattoo removal is no longer a luxury purchase. Here, you’re not paying for fancy marble countertops or costly medical equipment completely unrelated to your tattoo removal. Our Quanta Discovery Pico Lasers are the most advanced lasers available yet our prices are lower than those that use far inferior, outdated technology.

All we do is tattoo removal, and all you pay for for is safe, effective, efficient laser tattoo removal.

Consultations are always free. At your consultation, our experts will evaluate the size, colors  and ink density of your tattoo. Our physicians also review your medical history for issues that may affect the tattoo removal process. We then provide you with a per session cost. Additionally, we will provide you with an honest estimated range  of the number of sessions required to achieve your desired result. We offer but don’t require multi-session discounted contracts.

We are Chicago's and Milwaukee's most affordable tattoo removal shop.

Sample Tattoo Pricing

Here are some examples of how we price our tattoos.

Prices start at $79 per session for tattoos smaller than a postage stamp (like a finger tattoo)

$121 per session.

This tattoo has lots of open skin. We only measure skin that actually contains ink! $163 per session.

Curious about Large Tattoos? $299 per session (Others charge $100s more).

Do you have more than one tattoo you want removed? We offer a 10% discount on multiple tattoos removed in one session.

Visible tattoos (face, neck, hands) may be a barrier to joining the military or police, fire departments. We offer 20% discounts to military recruits and first responders.

For full sleeve removal, let’s talk – we’ll make it work.

The only tattoo removal shop in Chicagoland specializing in just tattoo removal.

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