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Snippet from original post “On Milwaukee” by Molly Snider

On Tuesday, Nov. 27, Vamoose Tattoo Removal will open in, get this, the former Old Salt Tattoo space, 2223 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. (Old Salt, by the way, continues to thrive in its new location, 2665 S. Howell Ave.)

Co-owner Dr. Howard Bennett opened the original Vamoose Tattoo Removal in Chicago in 2013. He later opened two more locations – a second in Chicago and one in Gurnee Mills. This will be Milwaukee’s first tattoo removal service of its kind. Historically, ink removal has been a side-service offered discreetly by plastic surgeons or dermatologists.

To remove tattoos, licensed physicians use high-tech lasers. Recently, Vamoose upgraded from nanosecond lasers to picosecond lasers, the fastest lasers currently available.

“The faster the lasers are, the faster the tattoo can be removed,” says Bennett. “Ours are ridiculously fast.”

There are many variables that factor into how much time and money it takes to remove a tattoo. Where the tattoo is located, what colors are in it and whether or not there is any scarring on the skin dictate the removal process.

People interested in removal should make an appointment for a free consultation to have the specifics for their particular tattoo evaluated and to receive a quote. As an introductory offer, Vamoose will offer the second treatment for free to anyone who commits to the procedure.

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