How We’re Different

Sometimes perspectives change. What you wanted years ago may not fit in your lifestyle today. We get it. We’re not a haughty cosmetic laser institute nor are we a “no time for tattoos” doctor’s office. At Vamoose, your safety, comfort and satisfaction are our only priority.

Who We Are

We are non-judmental, we’re friendly, and we’re approachable. Our goal is for our clients to be comfortable – in our office, and outside our doors. Our atmosphere is laid-back, warm & friendly, not cold and sterile.  Laser tattoo removal is all we do. We were a finalist for the Chicago Innovation Awards because of our creative, innovative approach. We’re also a part of the tattoo community – from our annual “Tattooist Art Show” to our yearly booth at the Chicago Tattoo Convention. Most importantly we’re friends and colleagues with many of Chicago’s most popular tattoo artists.  If desired, we can work with your tattoo artist to tailor our services to meet your needs.


Our pricing is the most afforable in the Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas. We don’t waste money on things that don’t matter (for example, fancy marble countertops) that would just increase the rates for our clients. We invest where it counts (in our PICO lasers and our team)  and provide affordable rates to our clients. Consultations are always free and treatment sessions start at $89. Check out more details on our Pricing page.

Experts on Pain Prevention

Our Medical Directors are experienced anesthesiologists who know pain prevention.  We employ the Zimmer Cryo 6 Skin Cooling System before, during and after every removal session. We also offer complementary prescription strength topical local anesthetics. See more details on our How It Works page.


Because we only do tattoo removal, we’ve become experts at some particular skills, such as tattoo removal on darker skin, lightening for tattoo cover-ups, and partial removals.

About our Staff

Vamoose was founded by two MDs and has a staff of expert, certified, laser technicians. Read more About Us.

The only tattoo removal shop in Chicagoland
and Milwaukee areas specializing exclusively in tattoo removal.

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