People get tattoos to express themselves and tell others something about themselves – but what are they really saying?

Tattoos, like words, give an impression that we may not always be aiming for, and the meaning is often in the eye of the beholder. It’s not just what the tattoo is, but where it is. Socially, different tattoo locations have started to mean different things, or have become a joke altogether. So, what are the worst places to get a tattoo and what does it say about you?

1. Lower Back

Lower back tattoos have long since been coined “tramp stamps.” This less-than-PC moniker has become a popular, well-known term that has forever skewed how people perceive lower back tattoos. We have special expertise in removing lower back tattoos.

2. Face and Neck

Image Source: Inked Magazine

Not only does society still think of people with face tattoos as those on the fringes, but many employers frown upon, if not shy away from hiring people with them. Face tattoos are perceived as aggressive and their wearers as criminal. Our highly trained staff can help change turn those negative first impressions into positive ones with our cutting edge face and neck tattoo removal.


3. Lip and Tongue

Image Source – Inked Magazine

Inner lip and tongue tattoos have been growing in popularity, but may send the wrong message. Lip tattoos are thought to be extreme and those with them are often construed as partiers. Luckily it can be hidden easily, which is more than could be said for tongue tattoos.

4. Pubic Area and Breasts

People with pubic area tattoos (and females with breast tattoos) are perceived to only think about one thing (and act on it) – and we’ll let you guess what that is. Women with these tattoos who plan to have children in the future are also considered to not have much foresight, as the entire tattoo will likely be stretched.

5. Ribs

This once obscure place to get a tattoo has become so mainstream that it is widely considered to be an accessory for hipsters more than edgy or unique.

6. Belly Button

Depending who you ask, belly button tattoos may have a similar reputation as lower back tattoos. Either way, it is widely believed to scream for attention more than giving off “if you got it, flaunt it” vibe.

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