Tattoos in a foreign language may make you look worldly, or it can likely mean something completely different. There are more people walking around the U.S. with a tattoo for the Chinese word “beef” than there are with the word “Taurus.” In honor of the American soldier that recently made headlines for a tattoo that he thought meant “strength” in Hebrew, but in reality says “matzo,” below are some spectacular examples of tattoos that don’t quite mean what people thought.

This girl thought her tattoo said “I love XX” (boyfriend’s name) in Hebrew, but it really says “Babylon is the world’s leading dictionary and translation software.” She uses the Babylon program to try to translate her message from English into Hebrew.

What was supposed to say “To diminish will only make me stronger” in Latin, actually means “As who am I wearing away for myself, I only set (it) down for/on myself, strong man (that I am)?” Otherwise, complete gibberish.

This man thought that he was getting his last name, Botrokoff, tattooed in Russian. What he got was the “no translation” message from Google Translate.

And finally, this “fast and furious” Chinese tattoo is actually “fast and foolish.”

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