When it comes to Thanksgiving themed tattoos, thanks, but no thanks.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’re starting to count our blessings; good health, loving friends and family and the feast to come. While we’re thinking of eating turkey and pumpkin pie, others seem to be taking this a step further, tattooing these popular Thanksgiving items on their bodies. I love Thanksgiving as much as the next person, but you won’t find ink to prove it anywhere on my body, and that, I am thankful for. Count your blessings as you look at these Thanksgiving themed tattoos.

1. Food is better left on the table.

(Image Credit: Unknown)

Although this is some pretty impressive ink…

2. A whole feast – in the flesh!


(Image Credit)

3. In honor of one of the dishes that was likely on the menu of the first Thanksgiving.


(Image Credit: Unknown)

Corn, anyone?

4. Mr. Sweetpotato is a lucky man.


(Image Credit: Unknown)

Don’t forget those yummy side dishes this year!

5. Gobble gobble


(Image Credit: Unknown)

Does this remind anyone else of kindergarten?

6. Would ye like a turkey leg?


(Image Credit: Unknown)

7. This “horn of plenty” is certainly filled with our favorite Thanksgiving treats!


(Image Credit: Unknown)

8. Who’s ready for some pumpkin pie?


(Image Credit: Unknown)

Just a reminder- don’t forget dessert.

9. Why not have your favorite food tattoed on your shoulder?


(Image Credit: Unknown)

He’s been preparing for this Thanksgiving all year.

10. This tattoo screams, “get in my belly!”


(Image Credit: Unknown)

How about this for a Thanksgiving tattoo? 5 points for creativity.

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