The ink used for your tattoo, if done at a licensed establishment, is regulated by the United States FDA. Although there are many ink manufacturers, there are two primary types of tattoo inks: color additive or cosmetic. However, some people have homemade “stick-and-poke” tattoos and others received their body art from an unlicensed location that uses unregulated inks. The type and color of the tattoo ink is a very important factor because it determines the tattoo’s lifespan and appearance, as well as ease of removal (or lack thereof).

The De-Inking Process

During a tattoo removal consultation, the tattoo removal experts will take into consideration the type of ink that was used (it’s ok if you don’t know the type of ink you have), the color of ink, and your skin tone. Darker inks are typically easier to remove, although that sounds counterintuitive. Below is a tattoo ink color scale illustrating the ranging difficulty of removal:

Tattoo Removal Fitzpatrick Scale

Consultations are important in Tattoo Removal

There is no universal answer to questions like: How long will my tattoo last/will it fade quickly? How many sessions will my tattoo removal take? How long will my tattoo removal session last? Every experience is different because each body and its history are unique. That is why individualized attention and personal consultations are key to the tattoo removal process.

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