Tattoo removal lasers may be primarily used to reverse once-permanent ink, but Hollywood is now using them as the next hot beauty treatment. Leading celebrity dermatologists with clients like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Nicole Richie, Scarlett Johansson, and more say that tattoo removal lasers are great at heating the skin. Dermatologists use the lasers to create “micro-injuries” in order to stimulate the skin repair and collagen production. This treatment is most commonly used to correct excess pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and brown spots.

This is a very new development with even the most cutting edge dermatologists starting to practice this treatment only within the last couple of months, which is when tattoo removal lasers were cleared by the FDA for cosmetic services. The most famous celebrities are pretty new to this, as well. Hollywood derms report using this skin treatment on only the last award season.

Using tattoo removal lasers for skin treatment is said to have a shorter downtime and cause less pain during post treatment than many other more aggressive skin treatments. However, patients/clients can ask for topical numbing cream before the lasers session begins.

The cost at this time may be prohibitive to some many people that do not regularly attend red carpet events – with top celebrity doctors charging $1,500 per session. Very few dermatologists are practicing this treatment at this time, although the trend is rapidly spreading. Appointments typically last 90 minutes and have a downtime period when you’re done (about two to three days of redness and keeping away from direct sunlight, although may take up to seven days). However, downtime varies greatly and is determined by the person and their skin type, treatment, and use.

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