If the thought, “should I remove my tattoo,” has ever crossed your mind, chances are it may be time to consider if laser tattoo removal is right for you.

According to this WebMD study, about 1/5 of the tattooed population is unhappy with their ink. If your reason is one listed below, it is time to schedule a free consultation with us.

1. Your idol is actually terrible

The thing about our celebrity idols is that they are real people. Although their artistic talent cannot be argued, they are still prone to being racist, sexist, and simply awful in many different, offensive ways. Do you really want to walk around with Ray Rice’s jersey number?

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is actually terrible

(Image Source – Inked Magazine)

Love makes us do crazy things – like getting our loved ones’ names tattooed on our bodies. People readily advise against doing this (read: Think Before You Ink), but it is still a very common tattoo trend. If only their sweet personality could outlast the ink. Same goes for the name of your band, or any other defunct partnership.

3. Your parents are actually not terrible

Youthful rebellion is a lot of fun and although that time usually passes, many of the decisions that we make during that time don’t. That tattoo you got in your young, wild days to piss off mom and dad may be working your nerves over now worse than it bothered them then, so it’s time to get rid of it.

4. Your tattoo artist was terrible

Tattoos don’t always work out the way we want them to, but those are just as permanent as the ones we love. There is no reason to keep a lackluster tattoo that wasn’t done well to begin with.

5. Because you feel like it

The best reason to remove a tattoo is that you no longer want it for absolutely any reason. It’s your body – not just your home, but you! Don’t keep anything attached to you that you do not love.

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