When it comes to tattoo removal, there is no DIY way to do this. You need to speak to a professional tattoo removal company so that you can get it removed safely and relatively pain-free. After all, tattoo removal can be hugely beneficial to those who are sick of their current ink. But, it needs to be done in a safe and controlled way. This is so that infections are eradicated from the process. But, it also ensures that the individual isn’t suffering from pain. More importantly, you need to ensure that you are not damaging the skin.

All of this seems pretty commonsensical.

But, not to one guy.

In fact, his unorthodox measures of trying to remove his tattoo have made headlines all over the US. One Seattle Seahawks fan attempted to remove his own tattoo. Using sandpaper. Yes, that’s right. He tried to remove his tattoo using sandpaper. Let that sink in for a moment.

The diehard fan had something of an unfortunate tattoo. The tattoo read ‘back to back champions’. This, as we now know, is not strictly true. The Seahawks had an unfortunate 28-24 loss against the New England Patriots.

Of course, the Seahawks and the Patriots were viewed as equals prior the Super Bowl 49. As such, the game went ahead, and everyone was on tenterhooks as to how these guys would perform. Football fans were not disappointed. Well, Seahawks fans were, of course. But, the game itself was spectacular. Tom Brady and the Patriots kicked ass, and they bagged the victory. Of course, it was a last second victory. But, it was a victory none-the-less.

Russell Wilson seemed to have the game in the bag. But, alas, it was not meant to be. The Seahawks failed to use their dominant running back. This was a costly mistake that resulted in the loss. This crushing defeat and bad judgment were felt deeply by most Seahawks fans. The disappointment that they felt was devastating.

However, one particular fan had a hell of a lot more to lose. His back to back champions tattoo, accompanied with a Seahawks logo, suddenly didn’t make a lot of sense. Of course, he did what any disgruntled football fan would do. He decided to sandpaper his arm in a bid to get rid of the tattoo.

The video has become something of a viral sensation. The utter agony and pain on his face can be felt. But, there are more important lessons that can be learnt from this guy’s horrific mistake.

When it comes to it, always get a tattoo that is going to be relevant. After all, a dumb decision can be costly in more ways than one. While being a fan is not a bad thing, at least get something that is genuine and accurate about the team. Occasional champions would have been a better fit. Although, it doesn’t quite hit the same notes!

We can also learn that trying to remove your tattoo using sandpaper is painful, dangerous and downright stupid. But, you guys knew that already. If you have a dumb tattoo, get it removed properly!


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