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Our blog will provide you more information on tattoo removal, and we’ll also share fun and interesting things happening in and around the world of tatttoos. Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Tattoos have become more commonplace in the last decade. People are keen to flash their ink with pride. But, what about tattoos in the workplace? Many people are keen to cover their ink when it comes to their professional life. Tattoos are now considered the norm. Many people are still left bemused as to whether…

Tattoos can be profound, meaningful symbols. Or, they can be a source of bitter regret. When it comes to bad Valentine’s Day tattoos, some people have got it covered. There are some truly horrifying tattoos that are doing the rounds at the moment. The sugary-sweet weekend of love that has just passed for another year….

We all know that tattoo removal is on the rise. The number of those suffering from what we referred to in our last blog as, “tattoo regret,” has grown in the past decade. And although there aren’t hard statistics on why it is, people are getting their tattoos removed, we’ve got a pretty good idea….

It’s no secret, the number of people who have tattoos has majorly increased in past few years. We know that people under the age of 45 are twice as likely as those of 45 and over to have a tattoo (31 percent vs. 14 percent). Additionally, among 18 to 29-year-olds, 12 percent said they had…

There aren’t many positive stories that result from getting a tattoo of a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name. Usually, these result in one, laser tattoo removal or, two, a cover-up. Thankfully for us, these also mean more entertainment and more awesome blog posts for you. So, without further adieu, here are 10 amazingly awesome tattoo cover-ups….

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