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Our blog will provide you more information on tattoo removal, and we’ll also share fun and interesting things happening in and around the world of tatttoos. Thanks for reading, enjoy!

If the thought, “should I remove my tattoo,” has ever crossed your mind, chances are it may be time to consider if laser tattoo removal is right for you. According to this WebMD study, about 1/5 of the tattooed population is unhappy with their ink. If your reason is one listed below, it is time…

Is black light tattoo ink safe? Black light tattoo ink is not regulated the U.S. Food and Drug Administration so there is no way of knowing what you are putting in your body.

Tattoos in a foreign language may make you look worldly, or it can likely mean something completely different. There are more people walking around the U.S. with a tattoo for the Chinese word “beef” than there are with the word “Taurus.” In honor of the American soldier that recently made headlines for a tattoo that…

People get tattoos to express themselves and tell others something about themselves – but what are they really saying? Tattoos, like words, give an impression that we may not always be aiming for, and the meaning is often in the eye of the beholder. It’s not just what the tattoo is, but where it is….

When weighing the decision to remove your tattoo, it’s likely that you haven’t taken electronic devices into account. Now reports are surfacing, and Apple has confirmed, that the Apple Watch does not function properly for people that have wrist tattoos with dark ink. Specifically, people are saying that the heart rate monitor in the watch…

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