Vamoose is excited to upgrade our lasers to the most powerful PICO Tattoo Removal laser available. With 3 wavelengths, the Quanta Discovery PICO laser allows us the versatility to treat the widest range of tattoo ink colors including: black, red, blue, yellow, orange and purple. Even the most challenging pigments – such as light blue and green – are no match for the Quanta Discovery PICO laser.

Higher Lower Plus PICO Technology Means Fewer Treatments

The beauty of the PCIO laser is that its technology is powered at the fastest rate of speed on the market for shattering tattoo pigment particles. Ultimately, helping to reduce the number of treatment sessions.

Check out the “before and after” pictures below that illustrate how PICO laser treatments make tattoo removal a breeze in just a few Vamoose visits.

How to vanquish a dragon: The results don’t lie. This sophisticated dragon tattoo is Vamoosed after just 5 treatments with the Quanta Discovery PICO.

She loves me not: Some tattoo pigments can be more difficult to remove than others, but the range of the Quanta Discovery PICO enables Vamoose to tackle all kinds of possibilities, including this rose tattoo that has vanished after only 4 treatments.

What about Healing Time?

You might be thinking, “A high-powered PICO laser sounds like it can get the job done, but with something that strong on my skin, is it going to take longer to heal after treatments?”

The answer is no and here’s why: Quanta Discovery PICO technology distributes the laser evenly across the skin during treatment. Potential “hot spots” are eliminated. Your healing time is shortened and the risk of side effects are minimized.

5-YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: 2018 PICO Tattoo Removal at 2013 Q-Switch Prices!

It’s our 5th birthday at Vamoose Tattoo Removal and we couldn’t have become Chicagoland’s only shop specializing exclusively in tattoo removal with out you! To say thank you, we’re giving current and new customers a gift: Even with our upgrade to PICO technology, we’re not raising our prices one bit.

That’s right. You’ll get your tattoo removed with the latest PICO technology while paying the same price per session price as the day Vamoose first opened our doors in 2013. Which means you’ll not only get your tattoo removed quickly, comfortably, and safely but you’ll also feel great about saving a while lot too.

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