The idea of laser tattoo removal may be frightening for some because many just don’t know how it works. Here are a few of our favorite laser tattoo removal FAQs.

1. Does tattoo removal require multiple or single sessions?

Tattoo removal does require multiple sessions, however the number varies from patient-to-patient. There are many factors that play into how many sessions a patient needs, including density of ink, color, location on the body, and the strength of their immune system.

2. Can you guarantee complete removal?

No one can guarantee that laser tattoo removal will be 100% effective due to the factors listed above. What Vamoose can guarantee, is the fact that they use the Quanta Q-Plus C, which is a specialty laser that is FDA approved for tattoo removal. This innovative piece of technology uses three different wavelengths, which makes it capable of removing all tattoo ink colors.

3. Is it possible to lighten a tattoo in order to get a cover up?

Yes, it is possible to lighten a tattoo in order to get a cover up and Vamoose works with clients and their tattoo artists. When the tattoo has reached a satisfactory point, the tattoo artist is then able to provide a quality cover up.

4. How do laser tattoo removals work?

The process of laser tattoo removal involves using a very powerful, yet brief burst of light that passes through the patient’s skin. Once the laser passes thru the skin and hits the tattoo ink, it shatters the ink into microscopic particles. Then, the immune system clears the microscopic particles from the patient’s skin. It requires at least six to eight weeks between treatments to allow the body’s immune system to clear the shattered ink.

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