Tattoo removal technology has come a long way in the past few years, and is continuously improving. People are relieved to be able to end something that they once felt trapped by. However, going to an inexperienced tattoo removal service and not being properly prepared can lead to tattoo removal-related scars, another unwanted permanent mark on the body. Luckily, there are some steps you can try before and after your tattoo removal sessions to minimize risk of scarring.

Before tattoo removal treatment

Drink plenty of water for some time before you begin the tattoo removal process. It is a good idea to drink a lot of water regardless, but doing so leading up to tattoo removal sessions means your body will be well hydrated and able to speed up recovery time.

Get your body ready to endure the laser and following recovery by taking additional vitamins with a well balanced diet. Include vitamin E and aloe, which promote healing.

Speaking of maintaining a healthy body, now would be a great time to quit smoking. Research shows that your likelihood of removing a tattoo after 10 sessions drops by 70 percent if you’re a smoker.

After tattoo removal treatment

Follow post-tattoo removal care instructions very carefully. It is important to wash the area with mild soap and water and then pat the area dry with a clean towel. You might be tempted to rub the spot, but that is a bad idea, as it can cause scabs to be ripped off (which causes scarring).

When going in for a tattoo removal session, take the rest of the day easy to make sure you don’t bump or agitate the treated area. You may also want to stay out of the sun, sometimes even a week or two after treatment. If you go out, cover the area with SPF 30 sunblock and gauze, but make sure to also leave it uncovered for the majority of the time that you are at home to let fresh air flow through.

It’s best not to touch the treated area. Do not pick scabs, as tempting as it may be, and don’t scratch or pop any blister. This will only increase risk of infection. You can apply lotion and cream to soothe the area gently.

Make sure to discuss proper care instructions when getting a tattoo removed, and follow the rules. Many people are understandably eager to remove an old tattoo, but proper care practices will make the final result that much better. For example it is recommended to wait at least six to eight weeks between treatments because the body continues to break down and remove the ink long after the session is complete so better results are seen among those who wait. In the end it’s all about patience.

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