Milwaukee boasts an extremely diverse population.

No surprise since it’s the nation’s 23rd largest city, ranking among the same size as cities like Washington D.C., Boston, and Seattle. Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee is home to a surprising variety of races and backgrounds. With such a diversified population, Milwaukee really is a melting pot of people from different places.

Tattoo Removal Works for Darker Skin People

Developed and diverse cities such as Milwaukee offer prime services, like excellent tattoo shops. See our tattoo tips for people with dark skin tones.

That means they also need to offer services for tattoo removal and other options for body art when things don’t work out. More about our Milwaukee Tattoo Removal services.

As tattoos have gained social acceptance, more and more people of all ages and racial compositions are opting for decorative body art. Sometimes, though, tattoos can stand in the way of new relationships, job opportunities, or service in the military (see Military regulations for tattoos).

How does tattoo removal work for people with darker skin?

Does laser tattoo removal even work on dark skin? In general, dark-complexioned people need more treatments and can experience more extreme hypo or hyper pigmentation than their lighter colored friends.

See more Before & After Tattoo Pictures of Darker Skin Tattoo Removal

Darker skin tattoo removals seem much the same as with lighter skin in that the effects are the same – swelling and itching are common side effects and signal that the immune system is working as it should. Also, pain levels for tattoo removal are no different for those with darker skin. However, because the skin pigmentation is darker, removing tattoos with laser can create a few complications that require a specifically trained specialist.

What’s the Risk for Darker Skin Tattoo Removal?

Removing a tattoo from a dark-skinned person can get complicated. Without the correct wavelength of a laser, several things can occur that require additional work.

In tattoo removal, pulses of light through a laser break up the ink under the skin. At times, wavelengths that are too much for the skin can cause scarring or permanent changes in the skin’s color. Hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, and keloid scars are a few things tattoo removal technicians need to be careful of (meet our laser specialists). With hyperpigmentation, patches of skin become darker. Hypopigmentation occurs when the skin’s natural color is removed causing a lighter color. Keloid scars are a manifestation of raised scar tissue on the skin’s surface. These can occur in people with lighter skin but are more of a risk for those with darker skin.

Laser specialists often need to conduct a few more sessions for those with darker skin or wait longer between sessions to ensure that the skin has proper time to heal and will not scar. The size, color, and intensity of each individual tattoo plays into how a specialist will go about removing the ink and will determine how many sessions it will take.

If a skilled tattoo artist decorated your body with dark ink years ago, it’s going to cause more complications than if you gave yourself an unfortunate tattoo last month.

Though tattoo removal for darker skin may be a bit more complicated, it is definitely doable. With a trained laser specialist, tattoos are typically removed from dark skin without any kind of problems.

More about Vamoose Tattoo Removal

Vamoose Tattoo Removal’s laser specialists are trained to accommodate for all skin colors and understand the risks associated with tattoo removal. With over 10,000 tattoo removals, Vamoose laser specialists have the expertise to work with diverse clientele on tattoo removals. To see before and after photos on tattoo removal for dark skin, see our darker skin tattoo removal for more information.

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