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Watch Chicago’s Lingerie Model, Josie Fox, undergo her first Picolaser tattoo removal session at our Gurnee location. Vamoose Laser Specialist, Nikki J, narrates the session as she carefully traces the lower back tattoo with our new Quanta Discovery PicoLaser. Check back for subsequent videos as we document Josie’s tattoo removal experience. See more information about…

The opening of our 4th location has created some buzz. Here’s an article from “On Milwaukee” about us opening our doors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kris Bryant Homer and Our Clients’ Tattoo

If you’re looking into tattoo removal, you are not alone. In the last 10 years, revenue for tattoo removal has spiked 440 percent to around $75.5 million. The trend is continuing and is expected to surpass $83 billion in 2018. The funny thing is that this is step-in-step with the tattoo industry. Turns out, for…

Tattoos are no longer the taboo that they once were. Tattoos were commonly attributed to sailors, rock musicians, and other “outsiders.” These days are long gone, with the Pew Poll reporting in 2010 that 40 percent of American aged 18 to 29-years-old have at least one tattoo, and nearly 20 percent have six or more….

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