When weighing the decision to remove your tattoo, it’s likely that you haven’t taken electronic devices into account. Now reports are surfacing, and Apple has confirmed, that the Apple Watch does not function properly for people that have wrist tattoos with dark ink. Specifically, people are saying that the heart rate monitor in the watch cannot properly identify blood flow.

The watch has a heart rate monitor that uses infrared beams that are absorbed and then reflected in the blood. This is the system to calculate blood flow, which is really the heartbeat. However, black tattoos absorb green and red light, interfering with the lasers used for the detection system. This includes more than just black ink, as red, blue, and green tattoos have all produced this undesired effect.

Dark tattoos are also interfering with Apple Pay, push notifications, placing calls, and several other apps. In some cases, it has even stopped passcode entry.

You probably shouldn’t rush to remove your tattoo to wear the Apple Watch, but this situation does pose a greater question: will other technology, that has not yet been developed, also have issues functioning with tattoos? It is something that has not been discussed too much, considering the lightning speed of technological development and the meteoric rise in tattoos. These are potent factors to consider when on the fence about tattoo removal.

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