We all know that tattoo removal is on the rise. The number of those suffering from what we referred to in our last blog as, “tattoo regret,” has grown in the past decade. And although there aren’t hard statistics on why it is, people are getting their tattoos removed, we’ve got a pretty good idea.

1. You hate your tattoo. Could there be a better reason than this?
2. You got it to piss off your parents at age 18. Who didn’t want a tattoo as a result of teenage angst? Hopefully you’ve moved past that stage in your life and started to realize a giant tiger tattoo down the side of your body isn’t the best life choice.
3. It doesn’t say what you thought it did. We’ve all seen it; Chinese symbols on someone’s body or a tattoo in another language. How many times have you thought to yourself, I wonder if that actually says what that person thinks it means? If you have a tattoo like this, book the appointment to get it removed.
4. It’s going to get in the way of you landing that job. If your tattoo isn’t easily covered, it’s possible that it may interfere with your chances of being employed. At this point, you may want to seriously consider getting it removed.
5. It’s vulgar or inappropriate. Everybody makes mistakes. Thankfully if you have a tattoo like this, tattoo removal can help you erase those mistakes.
6. It reads s/he who must not be named. Please, please, please, if your tattoo is of your ex’s name, get it removed. It can’t be a worse idea than getting it inked in the first place.

Suffering from tattoo regret? Do your body and yourself a favor and get rid of that ink.

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