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Monika and Alexandra join the Sherman and Tingle Morning Show to Discuss Removing Producer Jill Egan’s ankle tattoo at Vamoose Tattoo Removal.

How does tattoo removal work for people with darker skin? Does laser tattoo removal even work on dark skin? In general, dark-complexioned people need more treatments and can experience more extreme hypo or hyper pigmentation than their lighter colored friends.

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city. And with large cities come great tattoo artists. If you’re looking for some new ink, you’ll want to check out these top tattoo shops in Milwaukee.

Rules for tattoos in the military vary among individual branches. Here is a detailed breakdown of regulations of each branch (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, & Coast Guard).

Watch Chicago’s Lingerie Model, Josie Fox, undergo her first Picolaser tattoo removal session at our Gurnee location. Vamoose Laser Specialist, Nikki J, narrates the session as she carefully traces the lower back tattoo with our new Quanta Discovery PicoLaser. Check back for subsequent videos as we document Josie’s tattoo removal experience. See more information about…

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