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Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Not convinced? We’ve created a page dedicated to before and after images of our own client’s tattoo removal journeys. Take a look at the tattoo removal results you may expect when you visit Vamoose Tattoo Removal.

All images below are actual Vamoose clients – there’s no laser company stock photography here.

Our client chose to let the small amount of remaining ink fade on its own.

Black ink with shading often yields quick results. Our client had 4 sessions.

Excellent results can be obtained for all skin colors without scarring or loss of skin pigment. See Darker Skin Tattoo Removal

A healthy immune system speeds the removal process. Non-smokers have quicker results.

Our Discovery Pico lasers remove all ink colors - even the tough reds and greens. Our client had 7 sessions.

Amateur tattoos can sometimes be removed in a single session.

Visible neck tattoos can still be a barrier to some job opportunities.

We understand. Sometimes you just get tired of your tattoo.

When the T_ _ _ P (not Trump) Stamp has got to go! Lower Back Tattoo Removal

Our client only wanted to remove the "S" in this tattoo.. Even very small unwanted parts of tattoos can be removed with our partial tattoo removal services.

Do you have a tattoo that you'd like to get covered up, but it's too dark or too large? We work together with you and your tattoo artist and lighten your tattoo so you can get what you really want. Lightening tattoos for a cover-up can usually be accomplished in 3-4 sessions.

After just 2 sessions, our client and his tattoo artist have many more options for a cover-up.

Removing ring tattoos involves precise lasering technique and special care to avoid complications

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