Tattoo Removal Pricing
During your first appointment our highly experienced staff will examine all aspects of your individual tattoo, and provide you with a per session cost. Sessions start as low as $79. To learn more about pricing at Vamoose Tattoo Removal, please click below.

Tattoo Removal Process
The Vamoose Tattoo Removal process is simple. After the initial examination of the tattoo our certified laser technicians start the removal process using state of the art, FDA approved Quanta Q_Plus C lasers. For a more in depth explanation of how the laser removes the tattoo, click on our Learn More tab.
Tattoo Removal Questions
At Vamoose Tattoo Removal we understand the tattoo removal process can be nerve racking. How much will it cost and how much will it hurt are the most common questions we come across. Here we have compiled a list of the most common questions we come across to make your decision easier.
Before & After
All photos are from our real clients using our Quanta Q+C laser; they are not stock photos nor have they been touched up. We add new "before and after photos" frequently to the website so feel free to check back.

Vamoose is Chicago's only exclusive tattoo removal shop.

Vamoose Tattoo Removal is Chicago’s only exclusive tattoo removal shop.

With shops located in Bucktown-Wicker Park and Lincoln Square, Vamoose Tattoo Removal has been successfully treating patients who have decided to remove, correct or lighten their tattoos. Our tattoo removal studio uses state-of-the-art laser technology capable of removing all ink colors with minimal risks. Whether you’re lightening a tattoo for a cover-up, making room for a new piece or simply removing an unwanted tattoo, our expert team at Vamoose will guide you through the process – all in a comfortable, relaxing, non-judgmental environment. You’ll be surprised how safe, effective and affordable laser tattoo removal can be. Starting at $79 per session.